Viego Most Likely Will Release In LoL Wild Rift In 2021

Riot Games has officially announced their plan to bring the theme of Ruination to all of their games throughout 2021. With The Ruined King, Viego, Riot Games announced that this event will apply to all their games including LoL Wild Rift.With this news, of course, not only the PC version of League of Legends will present the theme of Ruination and focus on champion Viego. LoL Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics are also confirmed to present the theme Ruination.Some of the leak content has been informed by the respective developers of each Riot game when their panel was played in the Season 2021 video. Feral Ponny from LoL Wild Rift also participated in giving hints that their MOBA mobile game will be affected by the effect of “The Mist” from Ruination. Lol Viego wild rift
Then what about Viego’s presence, will this champion also be released to Wild Rift and other games? With a large possibility, the release of Viego to other games is not a difficult thing. As Riot wanted it if they wanted 2021 to go according to their Ruination-themed plan.Currently there are three new champions that are being prepared to be released and have a relationship with The Ruined King. With this information, we can be sure that Viego’s story will also continue to advance, and will likely influence other games.

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