Team Warriors Of The Sky Will Present At Marvel Future Fight

Netmarble 28/10 has officially announced at the Thailand Game Show that the newest original Marvel Super Hero team will be coming exclusively to their flagship RPG superhero action game, yep MARVEL Future Fight.

The team that has the name Warriors of the Sky, consists of four Super Heroes who will join Luna Snow and Crescent & Io as the newest original Super Hero Marvel created specifically for the game MARVEL Future Fight.

“We can’t wait to introduce the Warrior of the Sky team to Marvel Future Fight fans and develop a variety of character choices in the game,” said Danny Koo, Senior Producer of Marvel Games.

“Warrior of the Sky was born from teamwork. Netmarble is an extraordinary collaborative partner in realizing this concept and we can’t wait to see how MARVEL Future Fight excites with the addition of these original characters.”

“Everyone at Marvel really likes to collaborate with friends from all over the world to create characters that are entertaining, inspiring, and able to mingle with fans globally,” said Bill Rosemann, VP & Creative Director of Marvel Games.

“By combining extraordinary power, beautiful visuals, and unforgettable backgrounds, Warrior of the Sky joins Avengers, X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy as the next generation of Marvel’s Super Hero team.”

Each new character has its own unique strengths and different backgrounds to be enjoyed by the players. The Warriors of the Sky Team consists of:

War Tiger

War Tiger marvel future fight

Jumping from the West, the giant Tiger War defeated evil with his Tiger’s Fang. This Thai general in the past ensured the success of the Warriors of the Sky with extraordinary strength and honed combat experience.

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Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon marvel future fight

Defending the East side, Blue Dragon has the power to change whatever he touches into Draconic Weapon. With an inheritance in her hand, the son of a noble family in Vietnam leads the Warriors of the Sky with protective and wise decisions when facing various challenges.

Sun Bird

Sun Bird marvel future fight

Entering the battle as a guard from the South, the shining Sun Bird provides healing assistance to the Warriors of the Sky. With his dexterity, the 1600s pirates from Indonesia were reborn with the strength of the twin krises who helped him to protect the world.

Shadow Shell

Shadow Shell marvel future fight

Making a strategy in the North, Shadow Shell defeats all enemies from afar and protects its team members with sophisticated rifle rifles and Ba Gua’s shield energy. When a family from Taiwan who adopted Shadow Shell tried to poison him, the maker of super-smart tactics gained anti-poison power and was now tasked with being a tactician for Warrior of the Sky.

“Creating characters with different backgrounds and diverse stories, and making various Super Heroes to play is a joy for us, especially after seeing how fans like previous Marvel original creations such as Luna Snow and Crescent & Io,” Said Joe Lee , Executive Producer at Netmarble.

“We are also very pleased to collaborate with Marvel to create this new concept, especially the Warriors of the Sky team, and we are looking forward to showing other concepts in the future.”

Netmarble revealed the Warriors of the Sky’s first teaser at the New York Comic Con in early October, and released an additional teaser at the Thailand Game Show.

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For additional information, Netmarble also released a new remix song titled <Tonight> at the Thailand Game Show which is Luna Snow’s first hit single. Luna Snow is the first Marvel K-Pop Super Hero. Hyungseo, a Korean girl group member named Buster is the voice of the song Luna Snow.

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