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Wave SuperHero Philippines Is Already In Marvel Future Fight

Netmarble Corp on this day August 8 2019 announce the presence of SuperHero Marvel from Philippines and at the beginning of the year appeared in comic book War of the Realms : New Agents of Atlas , yep, she was Wave who will be present to join MARVEL Future Fight starting today.

mave marvel future fight

Not only that, Netmarble will also add the Classic version of Namor and the Modern version of Silver Surfer to list SuperHero Marvel Future Fight. Various Uniforms, new Raid Bosses, and various other enhancements were also added to this update.

Mister Fantastic (Fantastic Four), Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Thing will get a new Uniform called the Future Foundation.

Agents can now fight Galactus, the Planet Eater, in newly released Giant Boss Raid on this update.

Another improvement for Boss Raid is that it can invite players to Mission, and Master Mold type changes from Universal to Combat, Speed, Blast, and Master Mold or Boss type will change every few days.

[MARVEL Future Fight] Marvel’s 80th Anniversary Cinematic Trailer

Here are the other updates on MARVEL Future Fight update this time:

  • New Tier 3 and Ultimate Skill character upgrades are available for Super Hero Namor.
  • The “Unlock Potential” feature on Namor, Silver Surfer, and Wave is open.
  • Agents can now strengthen the Type Enhancement Kit to achieve a higher Rank. In addition, only the Type Enhancement Kit and Gold can be used when the Agent does an Enhance Type.
  • Agents can get rewards by watching Live Stream Facebook MARVEL Future Fight.

According to FajarYusuf.Com with the presence Hero of the Agent of Atlas Wave and also the classic version of Namor, making the Marvel Future Fight update this time to be a beautiful blue ocean nuance.

For those of you who haven’t downloaded Marvel Future Fight, let’s download because this game has been downloaded by 100 million players from all over the world. Download through the App Store ® for iOS and Google Play ™ for Android.

For more information about MARVEL Future Fight, please visit the Official Marvel Future Fight Site .

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