Xavier new hero Mobile Legends like Gojo Satoru

Xavier is a new hero in Mobile Legends who looks like Gojo Satoru

Now being busy on the social media of Leakers Mobile Legends, they provide new information that Moonton will release the latest Hero Mage who looks like Gojo Satoru named Xavier in Mobile Legends. In the video shared by the leakers, you can see the appearance of heroes and skills can be seen.

The possibility of this new hero will be Overpowered, because Xavier’s Ultimate Skill can shoot an ice laser all over the Land of Dawn, similar to Moskov’s Ultimate Skill, this skill is very capable of killing enemies who are trying to escape, then Xavier’s Skillset is also very useful, because it has the ability Immobilize effect.

Xavier’s Passive Skill, will make Xavier emit an Ice Aura. When enemies are near Xavier, they will experience the Immobilize effect after 3 full circle stacks. Xavier is likely to be suitable to fill the Mage/Support role in Mobile Legends.

Xavier new hero Mobile Legends like Gojo Satoru

Xavier’s 1st skill will allow him to create a circle of ice towards the enemy and deal great damage. With this skill 1, Xavier can do damage to 5 enemies at once.

Xavier’s 2nd skill will create an ice wall, every enemy that passes through the ice wall will experience a slow effect. This skill can be used to repel enemies who are trying to escape or get close.

Then when Xavier’s stack is full (3 stacks), all Skills will be strengthened, the walls that Xavier can make will be enlarged, and Xavier’s 1st skill will produce greater damage with a larger area.

However, until this article is published, there is still no definite information about the release date of Xavier in Mobile Legends. So, let’s just wait for further information.



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