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Gamer Make Friends With Ghosts And Can See Another World

Hello, my name is Fajar M. Yusuf on school and college data, and Fajar Muhamad Yusuf on identity card. And for real life, actually my name is Fajar Yusuf.

Why do I explain my name like that? because it will later have something to do with the horror or mystical stories that I guarantee, yep for those of you who are timid I hope not to continue reading this article to the end, even though some of the other creatures / ghost that I see are not scary.

Ok we just start the story…..

See Witch Grandfather

Maybe this story began when I met an old grandfather. Initially at that time I was only about 7 years old, at that time there were my twin siblings from Bandung who were my age, Nadia and Nidia. The three of us began to get along with each other, then starting when we were playing the chase, I vaguely remember the incident at that time Nadia and Nidia ran away first and I tried to search and chase, but I could not find them, finally I searched all the way to the house, besides my house is still garden and so many cassava trees that are attached so it’s already like a forest for small children.

Yes a short story is not Nadia and Nidia that I met, but I met grandfather, grandfather wearing all-white clothes with hats like a magician who cone up, and also a very long white beard, this grandfather just closed his eyes while holding a stick, then he approached me without speaking he just held my head and white light sparkled from his body at that time and he disappeared, after that Nadia and Nidia were in front of me while saying “You’re bleeding why?”, apparently my nose was bleeding / nosebleed.

I took my own assumption that what I saw was that the grandfather were not human, but other creatures, whether they were jinn or magician or whatever (I myself did not understand the mystics), because after meeting these grandfather I often saw ghost.

See Vampire / Dracula

After the incident to see the grandfather, for the first time I saw ghost are creatures that resemble Vampire or Dracula. Initially at that time I was being entrusted by my parents at someone else’s house, when it was midnight I wanted to arrive around 11 pm, people who had a house told me to come in because it was late but I was just silent in the front house like there was a voice that roared near an electric pole on the street in front of the house, then the owner of the house spoke frightened so that I could quickly enter ” quickly enter later there will be Dracula you can later be kidnapped”.

Yaps that talk came true, I saw a big tall figure wearing a black robe with sharp-toothed teeth and blaming eyes while laughing in front of the road under the electric pole, then he jumped as high as 7 meters and then squatted on the electricity pole, because I was afraid I went straight inside and ask the landlord directly to lock the house quickly.

Other Creatures Like Games

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After a few months from the Dracula incident, my days went normally but something happened when my brother went on a study tour to Djogja beach. Usually I slept in the same room as my brother when I was a child, and at that time my brother was away, which means I slept alone. Around 4 o’clock in the morning, my eyes suddenly woke up and still vague because of the sleepy effect, I saw a blond person wearing my brother’s clothes sitting on the edge of the bed while turning his back on me, I said to him “have you come home?, you were asked instead and said nothing”, yaps because I thought it was my brother, and I went to sleep.

After I woke up again at 6am, I went out of the room and I asked my mom “where is my brother? what he does not bring souvenirs?”, Then my mom was confused “your brother? your brother is still a study tour back tomorrow”, means that means what I see and I rhyme to say is not my brother, immediately after that I explained to my parents the events that I experienced at dawn, and my brother’s t-shirt that was used by the creature was burned.

After that incident it turned out that this white ghost wanted to find a friend, when I was playing PlayStasion sometimes this ghost played the stick I was holding, but he was shy, my father often slept beside me when I played PlayStation, Every dad still wakes up or wants to sit down, when I play PlayStation and around safe, but when my father fell asleep and no one was there, the stick I was holding began to move on its own, it is scary but at that time my mind was to win and complete the mission in the game, and you know what? This ghost is good at playing, at that time I was playing One Piece Grand Battle and I only held the stick but another creature who played like I just watched, and the game was completed easily.

But this ghost seems to only follow a child, when I was an adult I was never bothered / helped again when playing games. But I don’t know either because I’m good at it so it’s my expertise or help from ghost 😛

Playing Hide And Seek With Ghosts (Pocong)

Like other children born in the 90s, playing hide and seek with friends in the afternoon. At that time I was playing hide and seek with my friends when the hour was approaching sunset, when I hide I hide in the garden with a large tree and leafy leaves, which I did was just squatting until finally the sound of the evening prayer call sounded and I had not been met and finally surrendered. After that I went home with a very heavy body, and blood came out again from the nose.

After night I tried to sleep and closed my eyes, but when I wanted to sleep my body started to shudder from my feet to my head as if pulled out of my body, and my eyes were open, what I saw at that time was a grave with my 2 friends, they were seen scared and pointing back behind me, I was shocked when I looked back I saw a tree where I had been hiding before and also three ghosts (pocong) standing, and suddenly these three ghosts (pocong) jumped like they wanted to chase and catch me and my friend, me and me my friend ran away and ran away in the zig-zag direction but I tripped over the roots and fell when I fell awake and normally there was a shocked room in my room.

Change The Name And Get Six Sense

After the dream chasing incident with Pocong, I was sick for more than 3 weeks, got a fever, chills and nosebleeds continuously. Already 3 doctors and 3 ” shaman” no one works, until try 1 more ” shaman” that turned out to be effective, he said that my name was not good and had to be changed, he suggested Muhamad Yusuf or Fajar Yusuf, because it turns out the name or naming there are calculations, I also do not really understand this, finally agreed I made red porridge white porridge as laden to change the name, but not only change my name, i also had to bathe in flower seven forms on Friday evening keliwon.

Yes, I and my parents finally came home while waiting for the right time to make me use flower seven forms, when it was Friday evening, finally I was bathed by this “shaman” with flower seven forms using coconut shells. It turned out that the reason I was sick was because I was given “Six Sense” by someone who was not known, and physically and mentally I might not have been strong, and also because my name was Fajar Muamad Yusuf it was easy to invite ghost to follow.

Getting Used To Seeing Ghosts And Their World

Yep after I bathe in flower seven forms and change my name to recover, but I like having a “something” that is different in my body, I like being able to feel the ghots around and try to enter their world. The first time I tried this “something” when I stayed at my friend’s house when his parents went out of town, so my friend and I were busy together to guard my friend’s house, when we wanted to sleep we moved to the top floor where there was only one room with one cupboards and windows facing the trees. When my eyes want to be closed this “something” starts to activate, maybe this “something” is like a gate so that you can see and go to the world of ghost, what I feel when this “something” wants to be active is the hair of the whole body from the legs to the entire head the body will shudder the more goosebumps will get stronger and the most powerful is the head like being attracted and the body like wanting to get out and the eyes will open but like scattered, scattered like when you see the light so bright or see the eyes of a long day then move to a dark place.

When my eyes opened I could not move my legs and arms, what I saw in the room were my sleeping friends and Raven that were flying above us, I was frightened but I could not speak, when I looked towards the window there was a long-haired ghost. who was tapping on the window, I was increasingly afraid what I was doing was trying to deactivate this “something”, this “something” would be inactive when I could move my arms or legs or be touched by others, at that time I tried to move my legs and finally I managed to deactivate this “something” and the raven and white ghost disappeared, I was scared and tried to wake my friends but they didn’t want to wake up, so I ended that night by trying to go back to sleep but when that “something” wanted to be active again I would try to make a sound or move the foot so that “something” is not active and I can sleep soundly. After waking up in the morning I told him what I saw my friend, my friend just laughed and did not believe, after a few months the his uncle came from Java and said that it turns out that in my friend’s house there was a waiting person and actually the “watchman” did not disturb he said only happy stayed at my friend’s house and because there were children in it.

Days pass sometimes I try to activate this “something” at home, what I see at home is not a creepy ghots, what I see is just distortion between the real world and other worlds, where sometimes there are people who break through walls, there are creatures like plastic who can talk, etc., sometimes I tell this experience to my friends but it is considered crazy. But when I was in college I did not try again that “something”, because I was afraid, I was trapped in the distortion for 1 hour, I could not talk. I could not move. I could only see the ghots who were back and forth, so if “something” I wanted to be active I immediately try to move your feet or hands or make a sound to disappear.

Finally the “something” was active last year in 2018, when I was newly married and I stayed at the in-law’s house, “something” was suddenly active and because I was tired and curious about what I was about to see I tried to participate in deactivating it. When active what I see is a grave with a tree beside it, beside the tree there is a white cloth, suddenly the white cloth moves and flies towards me, what I see is a ghost (pocong) with a very clear face, he just says “Welcome” and try to encourage me, at that time I woke up from that “something”, and besides me there was already my wife who was shocked and held my shoulder, it turns out she was shocked and surprised why I scream myself, I was confused because what I had was fitting “something” it’s active and i see ghost (pocong), i just keep quiet But I consider it not disruption because only once I experienced this it might be as an greeting from the area guard because I am a new person and someone who has “something”.


I draw conclusions from what I experienced that other realms / other worlds or jinn / spirits / goib / ghosts beings exist, but they won’t interfere, they might communicate with people who have “something” just to convey a special message without terrorizing ( except for certain conditions), and I also can’t disable “something” as they wish, I don’t know if other people, I feel that if “something” wants to be active there really are spirits who are watching and want to convey their existence, just like normal people when goosebumps that may be seen or heard by these ghosts. I have also been followed by ghosts on the road, precisely in Depok, at that time I did not realize that “something” was active, because at that time I was riding a motorcycle, then in front of me there was a woman wearing a helmet who was riding a motorcycle, the woman was wearing gloves, almamater jacket for color details I will not mention, in short the woman was riding a motorcycle slowly even though the road was not jammed, so I overtake and I was in front, but what I saw, the girl after I overtake there was again in front of me, I thought at that time was twins or college female who were wearing the same clothes, then I overtake again and happened again the woman was in front of me, and it was repeated up to 4 times then I was curious I stopped and looked at the street backward whether the woman I was overtake before that there was, apparently no one had passed, which means that I overtake is the same person. Arriving at home I told in the whatsapp group and it turned out there was news about a college female who died on the road that I passed earlier wearing the same clothes and the same mask, maybe this was a sign of a ghosts that I was riding a motorbike not needing to speeding and having to be careful that there is no accident.


The story is a true story that I experienced.

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