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Play all Android Premium Games fullest with Google Play Pass

Google has officially announced their mobile game subscription service, yep Google Play Pass. This service is currently only available for United States and will soon open for more countries globally.

When Apple released the Apple Arcade service, FajarYusuf.Com had spent a lot of time trying out some exclusive Apple games. Although there are some really good games on this “Arcade” service.

But it seems like the games in Apple Arcade are mostly too casual or not simple. Even though FajarYusuf.Com is an Apple fan, the current list of games in Apple Arcade is not enough to impress FajarYusuf.Com.

Google Play Pass games

Finally, this is the Google Play Pass mobile game service that will answer Apple Arcade’s shortcomings. With the same subscription fee as Apple Arcade which is $4.99, you can enjoy 350 types of premium games available on the Google Play Store without ads and without IAP.

Most of these premium game titles have become popular games on the Play Store for some time now, but to try them all without a Google Play Pass, the price may be too expensive. However, by using the Google Play Pass, you can play everything at a lower cost.

Regrettably, the Google Play Pass is currently only available in the United States.

Price : For a limited time, start a 10 day free trial and get the first 12 months for only $ 1.99 / month, then $ 4.99 / month (currently only in the United States).

Introducing Google Play Pass

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