GTA San Andreas Mobile Secret Cheat Revealed!

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto or more often we are known as GTA is not separated from the name of the cheat.

Especially in GTA: San Andreas, one of the GTA series that is so phenomenal in its era until now, maybe there are still many who play it.

And it feels incomplete if we only play these open world games without cheats. Many of you maybe know everything and understand what cheat is in GTA: San Andreas.

But apparently, there is a secret cheat that you still don’t know yet. What cheat do you still not know about? let’s discuss in this article.

cheat gta san andreas

Recently a modder and a GTA fan discovered a new cheat that he claimed was still a secret at GTA: San Andreas Mobile.

The game, which was released in 2004, turns out to still keep a secret that you never thought. In this finding someone who has a YouTube channel named Vadin M made a video about the cheat finding.

This new cheat is known to only run on GTA: San Andreas mobile version which is the same porting with the Xbox 360 and PS 3 versions.

To activate the cheat on a mobile device, he suggested using an additional device that must be plugged into a smartphone, such as an external keyboard .

In the explanation presented, there are some interesting cheats such as weapons package 4 with additional gatling gun and night vision, to the cheat that allows us to instantly complete a mission.

GTA SA - New Secret Cheats - Feat. Spoofer

This newly discovered secret cheat was reportedly used by the developer, War Drums Studios, in porting it to another platform with the aim of testing and adapting whether the game actually runs in accordance with the original version that was previously released on PS 2, where Rockstars was still not enter the new cheat codes.

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