India Banned PUBG M and China’s Apps Tencent Losing 14 Million Dollars

Tencent always tries various ways so that its flagship mobile battle royale game, PUBG Mobile, can still be played in India, because India banned PUBG Mobile. After the Indian government’s policy of blocking applications from China, which is considered stealing users’ personal data, this has an impact on Tencent. The Chinese company reportedly lost 14 million dollars because PUBG Mobile was banned in India.

The impact can also be seen in the decline in Tencent’s stock price, from HK $545 to the lowest level of HK $533. Even though it looks like it has only suffered a small loss, because Tencent is a large company, the loss is interpreted to be as high as 14 million dollars. Because India is the largest market of PUBG Mobile games, with more than 175 Million downloads since its release. India banned tencent PUBG Mobile

Of course, with the loss of the Indian market, Tencent will have a very large impact on expectations, considering that this country is the most potential market for the developer from China.

So, let’s wait, what decision will Tencent take to save PUBG Mobile in the Indian region later. And hopefully India’s banned PUBG Mobile won’t be a continuous drama.

Source: techcrunch


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