Project PlayStation Will Soon Enter the Mobile Game Industry

The bustling and fast-paced mobile game industry around the world seems to have started to be felt by various big game companies. Among them are Sony Interactive Entertainment and PlayStation, the company will soon announce a new project about PlayStation Mobile.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, Jim Ryan , has confirmed that PS has plans for mobile game players. Not only that, Ryan also informed that the announcement of this project will be announced sooner than players think. Which means that soon, PS will announce the project about the PlayStation Mobile.

In one of the Q&A sessions with Axios , Ryan also said that PS will indeed announce a mobile project in the near future. Ryan has not explained what kind of project he is referring to, but there are many strong rumors saying that PlayStation is planning to expand to the mobile platform.

playstation mobile project

Another rumor says that PlayStation could create a new game cloud containing various PlayStation games. With this, it is possible for many mobile game players to play PlayStation games, and all of them are connected to one network.

Doing so is not easy, as we know that console and mobile are two different things. It’s risky to do something like this rumor, but it seems PlayStation understands that and is confident in their decision.

Lastly, Ryan also said that his company is working on several projects related to PlayStation Mobile. It’s not certain when this announcement will be released, but with PlayStation’s current busy schedule, players can hope that the PS Mobile project announcement will be released at important events such as E3 2021 which is currently taking place.

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