The commands in BATCH

The commands in BATCH

@: This symbol is often written as @ ECHO OFF to prevent the display of the right screen commands in a batch file, so only the results. 

ECHO: Used to display messages in a batch file. For example, “ECHO Hello” Hello messages are displayed on the Program (Command Prompt, etc). 

ECHO ON: function displays the complete command following BATCH results and ECHO OFF: only display results. Used to provide within a blank line on the screen 

REM: Acronym for REMARK command. It is a command that resulted in a command line to be not working, it will be ignored and not processed 

PAUSE:A command to request one typewritten Random button, where the message displayed is a Press any key to continue … To eliminate these messages can be typed PAUSE> NUL. 

GOTO: Used to go or move to a specific command, such as GOTO LABEL. Is an example of command GOTO 

CALL: Used to call (use) another batch file, because if we do not write the CALL command in a batch file writing where we need the file then the process will stop at the command. 

: : Used if we want to create a category / label. It allows us to certain goto jump from a Batch file. 

::: Used if we want to add a comment or writing in a batch file without having to display or execute the comment line when the batch file is run. 

CHOICE: Allows Batch File and Script files waiting for user to select a set of choices that are written in a batch file 

CLS: Clears the screen, clean the screen program from the command – a command. 

EXIT: Exit the application (Windows DOS / Script tool) 

IF: Used to check for certain conditions if the condition is available. 

SHIFT: Changes the position of batch parameters in the file 

START: Running an application 

DATE: Displays the prompt date 

TIME: Showing prompt time 

PROMPT: Displays the current directory

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