Editing Column Right

Editing Colom Right
Previously you had a folder with the name created CHAPTER IV Edit Colom Right and therein you create another folder named images, then your copy of the image file which I have included in MATERIAL PRACTICE CSS into the images folder.

As there are 7 file image file:

Editing Colom Right

Create File HTML Column Right

Then you open the software Notepad ++ or another suitable both you and your tastes write html code below:

Creating a Web Layout
media="all" />


This time a little bit complicated, because CSS is more complex arrangement, and description for the html code above is as follows:

  • To my right coloumn plan to create a login form at the top of the image that I have prepared, because if you rely solely on the color looks unattractive and this will make you will gain insight.
  • And below the login form will Categories I made to put some distance between word categories and categories will I make points.
  • I've made the last article Login H1 to input text fields with 2 and 1 the submit button without value.
  • Under the login form I have created Categories text using text Categories H2 with 8 each with a link "#".
  • Each one I have given selector, either ID or class. After that you save with the name colom-right.html.

Display results:

Creating a CSS file for the right coloumn

It looks not interesting at all is not it, but you do not worry, because once you give the CSS display will change at all. Now you create CSS file, type the following CSS code:

body {
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
margin:0 auto;
background:url(images/member_login.gif) 0 10px norepeat;
margin: 0 auto;
background:url(images/memberlogin_bg.gif) repeat-y;
padding:0 18px 0 18px;
margin:0 auto;
form input.txtBox{
border-left:#808080 solid 1px;
border-top:#808080 solid 1px;
border-right:#D4D0C8 solid 1px;
border-bottom:#D4D0C8 solid 1px;
margin:5 0 17px 0;
padding:0 0 0 20px;
form a{
padding:0 0 0 14px;
background:url(images/register_here_bg.gif) 0 5px
form a:hover{
form input.login{
background:url(images/btn_login.gif) no-repeat;
background:url(images/memberlogin_bot.gif) norepeat;
margin:0 0 5px 0;
padding:0 0 0 17px;
padding:0 0 0 17px;
ul li{
background:url(images/dot.gif) bottom repeat-x;
ul li a{
background:url(images/arrow.gif) 0 7px no-repeat;
padding:3 0 3 14px;
#right ul li a:hover{
It is rather a lot of settings of this right coloumn, and with it I will give an explanation:

  • Body {...}is if you do not set up specifically for the font type font settings will be arranged from here overall.
  • #container {...}as usual explanation as the previous chapter you create a web page with a width of 1000px width lies in the middle but this time I tried to set the default font is not from here but from the body.
  • #content {...}is the place to put content.
  • #right {...}setting of the right itself with the width of 300 px, background color gray (#ebebeb) and float: left.
  • .member {...}is the class of H2 text selector Login with setting 264 px wide and 67 pixels high and you select the background image of member_login.gif distance from the top of the left 0 10px without looping image (background: url (images / member_login. gif 0 10px no-repeat) and a margin of 0 placement center (auto) and on the size of the font sebasar 20 px yellow color (# FFCC00) with distance posts of the member login from the edge by 50 px (text-indent: 50px) and the distance between writing on 50 px (line-height: 50px).
  • #form {...}to form the background created by using images which are: memberlogin_bg.gif by looping just from the top down (background: url (images / memberlogin_bg.gif) repeat-y) 228 px width, padding on 0, padding-right 18px padding-bottom 0 18px left padding and margin of 0 auto.
  • input.txtBox form {...}The input form to set the username and password, you make the width of the text field width of 206 px and 25 px high, you do so more beautiful with border left border and the color (# 808080), border right and bottom color (# D4D0C8) type solid border border 1 px width and text color is black (# 000000), light yellow color text input (#FFFFCC) with a margin of 5 0 0 17px and padding 0 0 0 20px.
  • form a {...}to set on Register Here with the following settings font size 12 px, in bold (bold) text color orange (# FF6600) using underline, float left, padding 0 0 0 14 px and the left side of the writing we put the right picture on the left check posts (background: url (images / register_here_bg.gif) 0 5px no-repeat).
  • form a: hover {...}to give the effect on Register Here when you mouse over the article by removing the underline (text-decoration: none).
  • input.login form {...} This selector to organize and submit the login image on which the HTML code we do not provide paper login settings as follows: you give btn_login.gif background image without looping image (background: url (images / btn_login. gif) no-repeat), 53 px width, height 13 px, with no borders, float right, then we create a cursor display the hand symbol (cursor: pointer).
  • .bottom {...}to display the image the bottom of the form, that by giving memberlogin_bot.gif without looping background image (background: url (images / memberlogin_bot.gif) norepeat) 264 px width, height 25 px, and we gave the bottom margin 5px another margin of 0 (margin: 0 0 5px 0) and to show the middle margin we also give the value of auto (margin: auto). For setting the login form has been completed and this started we set the Categories section
  • .categories {...}section to set the writing Categories with bold font settings (bold), writing distance up and down 40 px (line-height: 40px), 24 px font size, text color yellow (# FFFF00) background color orange (# FF9900) padding you give the value 0 0 0 17px, then we give the distance from the top 30px.
  • ul {...}to set up a place to create a bullet that is 238 px wide with padding you give it a value of 0 0 017px.
  • ul li {...}to set the posts of the categories with the top down direction by setting (display: block), then you need to create dots between the posts is to provide an image dot.gif position just below the horizontal image repetition (background: url (images / dot.gif) bottom repeat-x), with a height of 25 pixels and a width of 238 px.
  • ul li a {...}then you make arrangements of text and we need to put an arrow in front of the logo text with images arrow.gif (background: url (images / arrow.gif) 0 7px no-repeat), font size 14 px, color black font (# 000000), background color gray (#ebebeb) is equated with the other, then we remove the first underline (text-decoration: none), 0 margin, padding 3 0 3 14px, then you create a display: block ( directions posts downhill). #right ul li a: hover {...} is to give effect when the mouse is directed to the article by giving a background color orange (# FF9900) and the text color changes to white (# FFFFFF).

Then you save it to a folder CHAPTER IV Right Editing Coloumn named style.css and later will be so

Editing Column Right

Then you run the file by clicking colom-right.html by 2 times and this is the result:
Editing Column Right
Has changed a lot is not it? More and more fun as well, now you can make other creations by changing the image and size. 

You need a little bit to understand photoshop!

You can further to material namely:  Edit Footer CSS.

If you have any questions please comment. 

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