The Best Combo Synergy In Auto Chess, And How To Use It

Auto Chess Mobile is a strategy mobile game with a unique concept and is very popular nowadays. this game with auto-battler genre has a simple game mechanism. You only need to arrange each hero on the board and watch them fight each other.

However, this game is not that simple. Hero in Auto Chess has different classes and races . Each hero that is played based on the appropriate class or race arrangement can provide additional status effects on the battle.

This effect is usually called synergy. Synergy of combo hero will be one of important references in measuring and assessing potential strength during a fight.

In this post, FajarYusuf.Com will provide five of the best synergy combos in Auto Chess Mobile according to the current meta game. Please refer to the following description below:

Combo Divinity & Mage

Combo Divinity Mage

Main Hero: God of War, God of Thunder, The Source, Shining Dragon, Thunder Spirit, and Storm Shaman.

Synergy Divinity has a status effect to reduce the cooldown duration of a skill issued by each hero. Reducing the cooldown skill duration can reach 75%, if you have God of War and God of Thunder in the team.

On the other hand, Mage synergy has a status effect to reduce enemy magic attack resistance by 35% if it has a synergy combo of 3 mage heroes, and 45% if it has a synergy combo of 6 mage heroes in the team.

At the current meta game, the class synergy of Divinity and Mage is still an excellent choice to win the top three places. Even though it was on previous patch update, the ability of combo synergy Divinity & Mage was still strong enough to fight until lategame .

The main strength of this synergy is magic attack from skills released by Mage heroes. The quick and successive magical damage that can quickly overtake enemy is being blocked by God of War.

The disadvantages of combos synergy Divinity & Mage are the Neutral Round and Storm Shaman. If you don't have a God of War that is strong enough to withstand Neutral Round attacks, Neutral Round monsters will easily kill a hero Mages that don't have a thick level of defense.

Furthermore, Storm Shaman can be the only hero who can thwart all attacks from Mage hero. The reason is because Storm Shaman has Static Storm skill which can cause silent to Hero in Mage area.

Knight & Dragon Combo

Knight & Dragon Combo

Main Hero: Hell Knight, Frost Knight, Lightblade Knight, Evil Knight, Argali Knight, Dragon Knight, Shining Dragon, and Venom.

Combo Sinergy Knight might be one of the synergies that is quite Overpowered for current meta. By playing 6 Hero Knight combo, there is an opportunity of 30% to activate a protector that can hold the damage obtained for three seconds.

In addition, Dragon synergy combo allows all Dragon-type heroes to get 100 mana instantly at the start of the fight. Thus, you can immediately activate and change Dragon Knight to become a Dragon at the beginning of the fight.

Knight and Dragon's combo synergy is fairly good at current meta. Because, this synergy combo has a fairly balanced ability in terms of attack and defense.

Unfortunately, clmbo synergy of Knight and Dragon is not a synergy that is quite easy to master. Because, to get Knight heroes needed a considerable level of luck.

There are still other weaknesses from this synergy. If we haven't got the eight main heroes in the list above, we can be easily defeated at the start of the game.

Combo Knight & Glacier

Main Hero: Defector, Desperate Doctor, Hell Knight, Frost Knight, Lightblade Knight, Evil Knight, Argali Knight, Dragon Knight, and Berserker.

Besides being combined with the Dragon's synergy comboHero Knight is also very suitable for combo with hero Glacier. Because, synergy combo Glacier can provide additional 35% attack speed .

With the Glacier effect, Knight will have very strong attack damage. Combo Synergy of Knight and Glacier is very suitable to be used against enemies who do not have a sufficiently thick level of physical defense, like a Mage or Hunter.

There are three main heroes that can be relied upon to produce massive damage, namely Lightblade Knight , Berserker , and Dragon Knight. All three can be the key game in combo synergy of Knight and Glacier.

Combo Synergy Knight and Glacier is quite difficult to play. Because, you must get the main hero as soon as possible to activate the Glacier effect, namely Berserker which is very difficult to obtain.

Not only that, the Hell Knight and Argali Knight also had to be upgraded as quickly as two stars to increase the team's durability. Without good defense, enemies can easily destroy your team on the front lines and bulldoze important hero at the back.

Combo Divinity & Assassin

Combo Divinity & Assassin

Main Hero: God of War, God of Thunder, Abyssalcrawler, Water Spirit, Lord of Sand, Venom, Shadowcrawler, and Shining Assassin.

Combo Synergy Assassin has a status effect that makes Assassin heroes for critical damage. With Combo 3 Assassin, you can give 3x damage in 15% estimate.

And with Combo 6 Assassin, you can give 4x damage in 15% estimate. When this effect is aided by a strong defense from God of War, Assassins can quickly finish off enemies from the back line.

The presence of Divinity does not only bring Mage to be one of the strongest meta synergy combos. This situation also makes synergy Assassin strong enough to stay in lategame well.

With attack damage from Combo 6 Assassin, enemies who do not have a hero with a good level of defense will be very difficult to survive.

The weakness of synergy combo Divinity and Assassin lies in the level of enemy defense. One example, an enemy who has combo synergy with a good level of defense will tend to be harder to defeat, such as combo Synergy Warrior or combo Synergy Knight.

It should be noted, before deciding to play with combo synergy Assassin, you must first ensure a row of synergy of enemies that you will face.

Combo Hunter & Cave Clan

Combo Hunter & Cave Clan

Main Hero: Redaxe Chief, Swordman, Egersis Ranger, Skull Hunter, Dwarf Sniper, Wind Ranger, Siren, Tsunami Stalker, and Storm Shaman.

Combo Synergy Hunter can add 80 points damage using combo 6 Hunter. With combo synergy Hunter, you can increase the team's damage to the game very well.

On the other hand, Combo Synergy Cave Clan will be an auxiliary synergy combo, with the effect of adding maximum amount of HP from Cave Clan hero to 600 points by using entire Hero Cave Clan.

Combo Synergy Hunter and Cave Clan is fairly strong and easy to obtain. Some Hunter heroes and Cave Clan heroes are relatively easy to find in the purchase column.

For the record, to get good attack damage, some strong heroes should be prioritized to be bought and levelup as soon as possible, such as Dwarf SniperSkull Hunter, and Wind Ranger.

The weakness of combo synergy Hunter and Cave Clan is the low defense power against magic damage. This synergy combo is fairly easy to beat with the skills of Mage hero.

Under these conditions, one of the synergies to watch out for is Divinity & Mage or Human & Mage. However, by using Storm Shaman (one of the Cave Clan hero), you can be silent on Mage heroes and defeat them in the right momentum.


Even though the five combo synergy of Auto Chess above is the best, you can't easly apply it in the game. Because, with the Random Number Generated ( RNG) mechanism, you need a luck factor to easily get the desired hero.

What do you think about the strongest synergy combo in Auto Chess mobile?, Is there a combo of your mainstay synergy in playing?, Please write your opinion in comments column!

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