These Are 5 Most Popular Games Android Open World 2019

For those of you who really like adventure, maybe you should try game Android presents Open World features in it.

FajarYusuf.Com will recommend the popular Android Open World game in 2019.

Here are the 5 games you have to play:

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas open world 2019 is popular

Gangster Vegas was developed by a leading game developer, Gameloft, and has been downloaded by over 50 million .

This game provides 80 more missions that you can play, such as stealing, fighting with other gangs, and fighting with zombies.

Payback 2: The Battle Sandbox

Payback 2 android 2019 open world is popular

Payback 2 has a gameplay similar to Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

In this game you can explore the world, and also can complete missions, such as car racing or war.

This game also allows you to meet other players in real time.

This game developed by Apex Designs Entertainment, and has been downloaded for over 10 million.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA SAN Andreas open world android 2019

Who is not familiar with this game?Yep, GTA SAN Andreas, Not only available for console devices, this game is also available for Android devices.

Gameplay will be exactly like the console version, you will act as CJ .

And you can also explore 3 different cities namely Los SantosSan Fierro and Las Venturas.


Minecraft Android 2019 Open world is popular

In fact, Minecraft is the best selling open world game for now.

In this game, you can build a house, a palace and you can even change the world as you please.

You can also play with your friends using mode Multiplayer Via WiFi feature.


Lifeafter the popular 2019 Android Open world

LifeAfter is a future-themed game, where almost everyone turns into a zombie .

In this game you will explore the vast world to complete missions and collect various kinds of material.

To survive in this game, you can build houses, make weapons, clothes, cook, and so on, so you have to try this game!


Yep, above are 5 games with the best open world features available on Android devices released in 2019.

So, download it right now and explore the world!

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