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Basic Questions on EAI(webmethods)

1.What is EAI ?

EAI or Enterprise Applications Integration can be defined as data that can be integrated from disparate applications regardless of the platform, allowing the sharing of business processes amongst multiple organizations.

2.What are the Major categories of EAI?

Integration can be at different application layers:

Data Level Integration:

Batch data transfer, OR

On-line propagation of data updates

API Level Integration:

Data is accessed through published API services

Service Method Level Integration:

Common services shared by different applications

User Interface Level Integration:The controller reacts to the user input. It creates and sets the model.

Common user interface (e.g. web based) for unified access to multiple applications.

3.What are the Advantages of EAI?

Advantages of EAI solutions are:

Streamlines business processes and helps raise organizational efficiency.

Real time information access among systems.

Maintains information integrity across multiple systems.

Speedier transactions at reduced costs.

If one of the applications misbehaves and requires to be shut down for maintenance, then with EAI, we can easily “decouple” it from rest of the systems. Which avoids having to bring down other systems.

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