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What is MEMIK?

Memik is a Comic Strip themed Game and Anime which was originally published on Instagram by FajarYusufdotcom, now Memik NFT is a pfp NFT Collection Project by Fajaryusufdotcom on Tezos Blockchain. Every Memik NFT is a digitally hand-drawn, non-generative work of art. Each Memik NFT is 1/1, which means there is only one collector at a time for each Memik NFT. In Memik NFT, Effei as Main Char cosplays various popular anime and game characters. There are 2 collections of NFT memes in OBJKT, the first is non-animated PFP, and the second is animated PFP.

This is how Memik NFT look like. What you see below are just some of them. Check The Memik Collection and Memik Collection Animated to see all.

How to Collect a Memik NFT

Holder's Benefits

① Digital Goodies

A set of Digital Goodies (DG) like the one displayed below will be given as a bonus after successfully collecting a Memik. I will try to contact the collector via Twitter DM/ Discord/announcement tweet, but in the case of not being able to find contact info, I expect the collector to reach me to receive their DG.

* I will not reach out to collectors from the secondary market to receive their DG, but if the collector contacts me, I am more than glad to send the corresponding DG.


② Request Future Memik NFT

By holding at least one Memik NFT in your posession, you’ll have access to the #memik_request or #memik_request_animated channel on our Discord, where you can request future design of Memik NFT and Animated.

③ NGC and Vocanime for You!

By holding at least one Memik NFT in your posession, you’ll have access to the NGC and Vocanime holder through our Discord. The holder is free to do whatever he/she want with the NGC and Vocanime on Polygon Blockchain, such as: keep it, list it, or gift it.

CLICK HERE To see the NGC collection or CLICK HERE To see the Vocanime collection, Vocanime and NGC use smart contracts deployed by in a decenterlized manner, and use the ERC 721 token.

④ Create Jogress

With hold of more than 2 Memik NFT, you can request Jogress from the combination of characters you have. This is one example, Asta's shirt, Meliodas demon's face, Killua's hair, Astroboy's hand, Levi's sword, and Zoro's earrings.

⑤ Airdrops

I make airdrops from time to time to celebrate things like : First 50 Memik NFT minted, First season end, etc. By holding at least one Memik NFT that correspondence with the airdrop theme, you’ll be eligible to receive the airdrop.

⑥ Memikchandise & Colouring Book


⑦ Memik Multiverse Blockchain

As a celebration of each season, MemikNFT will make a Generative PFP with a different base for the holder. In season 1 it is MemikMonkey, and in the next season it will change and be different (can be skull, dog, cat, etc.) to enliven the community. And will be deployed with a different blockchain. Here is season 1 of MemikMonkey Click Here


First Season 100 is currently on going, Mint and List onprogress.

Second Season soon. Join our Discord to keep up with the updates.

What and Who is Memik and Effei?

Memik.GameKomik is a comic strip that Fajaryusufdotcom first created on Instagram, the main character is Effei. Now at MemikNFT Effei is doing copslay for anime and game characters! MemikNFT is an NFT PFP project from and for the community!

The Comic Strip Memik :

why cosplay anime and game characters?

MemikNFT is an NFT PFP that presents itself by cosplaying as anime and game characters, we all often see anime and game PFPs on various social media, and now MemikNFT is making it happen by way of their ownership.

How I try to widen the range across visual abilities.

All with separate asset layers

I drew MemikNFT with various layers, including background, body, clothes, earrings, eyes, hair, hand, mouth, and weapon.


At this point, Memik NFT is completely digitally hand-drawn by one person and we like to keep it that way to ensure quality and aesthetic sense. This makes addition of new Memik NFT relatively slow. (1-3 Memik NFT per day in average) First season was planned to be 100 Memik NFT onprogress, and looking at the current response, second season until 200 is soon. How many in total is something that I have not decided. But again MemikNFT is hand-drawn, so it is very unlikely to reach the numbers like generative PFP projects out there (6666, 8888, 10K, etc.). And if by some miracle I managed to draw 8888 MemikNFTs. I assure you each of 8888 will all be completely different; hand-drawn one-by-one.

You are pretty much free to do whatever you want with it. Here are some ideas: You can print it as a poster in your room, use it as your phone wallpaper, brag to people online that you bought it, etc. What you CAN NOT do, is to use it for commercial purposes. For example, mint the file again on any NFT platform, etc.

No, what you get is an NFT (non-fungible token), minted on the blockchain. Or to put it simply, you get a “signed” original digital artwork and not merely a copy of it. Of course you can re-sell it as it is, but you can’t make a copy and sell the copy.

Any Inquiry or Question?

Join our Discord and let’s talk there!