Just like Hanzo, Badang + Awe Mask, So Overpowered!

Previously FajarYusuf.Com had discussed Hanzo being overpowered by using the Awe Mask item, here.

But apparently not only Hanzo, this time Awe Mask can make the hero become overpowered if used with a hero Fighter.

Who is he?, He is one of the rarely heroes in ranked match, ya, Badang.

What is the result if Awe Mask is used with Badang?, this is the result:

Awe Mask + Badang

Awe Mask + Badang mobile legends

As we know, Badang is not a meta hero in the current match.

But with the Awe Mask, it's possible that Badang will become a new meta.

Because Badang can easily do Crowd Control, with a long duration, if it successfully locks the target with Skill 2.

Once the target is hit with Skill 2, Badang only needs to finish using the Ultimate Badang + Awe Mask Skill.

Crowd Control effect plus DPS issued by Badang will make the opponent unable to run away and get killed instantly.

But keep in mind, use of Awe Mask cannot be used carelessly.

There are negative effects from using Awe Mask if purchased in the Early Game.

Badang will miss the level of the others, and will miss gold in the Early Game.

So from that FajarYusuf.Com suggested, buying Awe Mask would be better at Mid Game - Late Game.

If you want to know how terrible if Badang uses Awe Mask, watch it completely below:

Watch this video on YouTube.

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