Skin Decapitator Moskov, The Choice of Mobile Legends Player

At the end of March, exactly on the 22nd, Moonton was given survey to Mobile Legends players.

This survey is used to choose the best design among the 3 skin design choices, and this survey skin is for a hero who has a Marksman role.

This hero is Moskov, the famous hero with his spear. The latest skin from Moskov will be released under the name Decapitator.

As already known, this skin will be Elite type, with a price that is not too expensive, which is 599 Diamon.

In accordance with the choice of players, this skin will have a dark color design with a neon green touch, like the V.E.N.O.M Squad skin!

On this skin, Moskov will use a very cool black iron armor.

moskov decapitator look

In his right hand, there is a connecting device like a green hose connected to his spear.

Not only that, Moskov also used a scary mask and only saw gray hair.

Behind him, Moskov's hand held a sharp spear with a design that was no less cool.

There is no certainty regarding the release date of this Moskov Decapitor skin. So, for detailed information, keep watching the news at FajarYusuf.Com!.

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