Skin Vulcan Lapu-Lapu Will Be Given For Free!

It's not new thing, when Mobile Legends provides an interesting event to follow.

Because, for the event that will be given in the future, Moonton as Mobile legends game developer will provide a free skin.

You who attend the event can get the latest Lapu-Lapu skin called Vulcan for free.

Vulcan Lapu-Lapu Skin

This Vulcan Skin is one of the newest Special skins from Lapu-Lapu, which has the same theme as Martis skin, namely Searing maw.

The effect that this skin has is amazing. For those of you who want to have this skin for free, you must take part in the event on August 9 2019 in the next update.

However, there will be a condition given by Mobile Legends to get the Vulcan Lapu-Lapu skin.

Later you have to give invitations in the form of links for your friends to 300 people.

Vulcan Lapu-Lapu free skin

But for every day, you can only send 100 invitation links.

So you can get the skin after 3 days of the event being held.

Vulcan Lapu-Lapu free skin

To simplify this, when the event took place on August 9, FajarYusuf.Com suggested to invite your friends to create a group so that they can exchange link invitations.

If you are curious about the appearance of Display Animation as well as Gameplay from the Lapu-Lapu Vulcan skin, please see the video below:

Display Animation

Skin Gameplay

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