Call Of Duty Mobile Phase Pre-Registration, Let's Go Register!

After waiting a long time without certainty from CBT and release date of Call of Duty Mobile, finally Wednesday July 24 yesterday, Garena Indonesia announced the opening of the Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) pre-registration!

Garena will conduct the Closed Beta Test (CBT) phase first. Before this game was released, Garena also prepared a lot of interesting prizes to get when it was released later.

Milestone Pre-Registration

Milestone Pre-Registration

You can register with Login using a Garena or Facebook account, by entering one telephone number and email address.

Every pre-registration carried out also has a milestone, where if the pre-registration number reaches a certain number, you will get various kinds of attractive prizes.

Pre-registration can be done directly through the CODM Official Website of Garena via link below:

  Call Of Duty Mobile Pre-Registration Link 

Invite Friends To Pre-Register And Get Prizes!

 Invite Friends to Pre-Register

If there are not many pre-registration milestone prizes, Garena also gives prizes to every friend you invite to pre-register for CODM.

Roulette Spin Get a Gift!

Roulette Spin Get a Gift

Not only that, through the official Garena website we can also Spin Roulette with prizes for weapons and other in-game items.

This Roulette Spin can be done twice every day, by sharing Facebook / LINE from the official website.

Therefore, let's pre-register Call of Duty Mobile with the link below:

  Registration Of Call Of Duty Mobile links 

For those of you who are still curious about the gameplay of this game, you can see the Garena CODM trailer below:

Watch this video on YouTube.

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