New MOBA Mobile With Different Gameplay, Rumble League Comes!

The development of esports now is very fast. With easy access to play games on mobile devices (mobile games) which became the main trigger for the development of esports. Rumble League becomes a newcomer mobile game that is ready to enliven the realm of mobile esports.

Rumble League is a game with a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre developed by Space Ape. This game is played with the 5v5 feature with a fairly fast match time, which is only 3 minutes per match.

Space Ape claims that this game is different than other MOBA games. According to George Yao, as Product Manager of Space Ape, Rumble League will present a tense battle with character traits of fun design.

Another uniqueness presented by Rumble League is a variety of modes. One of the most unique is the PayLoad mode. In this mode, you can not only win by eliminating opponents, but must move the rocket to the enemy zone.

"Rumble League presents epic and unique battles that can be played with the best players from around the world. We are optimistic that this game can capture the attention of brawler game lovers," Yao said in an official statement.

Rumble League gameplay

Rumble League shows its commitment to esports by holding a tournament called SEA SLAM. Space Ape gives a total prize of 1,500 dollars for the inaugural tournament of this new game.

SEA SLAM followed by 40 Top Leaderboard who competed to win the best title in the Rumble League game. Not only that, there are 8 well-known influencers from Southeast Asian countries also enlivened the event.

For now, Rumble League competition is still limited to the Top 40 Leaderboard. However, FajarYusuf.Com believes in the future this game has a variety of more interesting competitions with spectacular prizes.

Rumble League is available on the App Store and Google Play Store with a data size of 284MB. Come on download immediately, and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss information on updated mobile games like this!

RUMBLE LEAGUE - Android / iOS Gameplay - Mobile Game
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