Pokémon Go One Piece Collaborates, Commemorates Birthdays

Niantic has announced that they will collaborate with One Piece to hold a charity event in Kumamoto which has been hit by a massive earthquake in 2016.

Pokémon Go players will get the chance to catch a unique Pikachu wearing a straw hat belonging character Monkey D. Luffy in the One Piece Anime/Manga series.

Kolaborasi One Piece Pokémon Go 2019

The event that took place around the world was held to commemorate the anniversary of Pokemon Go and One Piece.

Pokémon GO players can start capturing this unique Pikachu on July 22 to 29 .

For additional information, Niantic implements a special statue in the form of Monkey D. Luffy in Kumamoto.

Pokémon GO players who happened to visit the site will find Pikachu in straw hats huddled around the Kumamoto area.

The shape of this special statue was designed directly by the mangaka, Eichiro Oda who was originally from the Kumamoto region.

This event, not the first time Pokémon Go commemorates the Kumamoto earthquake. In the previous year, in 2017 Pokémon Go made Snorlax appear with a very large frequency in this area.

Hope Niantic, this event will make donors come directly to the Kumamoto region, which after more than two years has not been fully restored.

Aside from being able to catch Pikachu Straw Hat version, players can also buy avatars with Luffy's Straw Hat .

Kolaborasi One Piece Pokémon Go

On the 22nd of July, Pokémon Go will celebrate their third birthday, and One Piece will commemorate their 22nd birthday on July 29th. This collaboration is expected to tap the hearts of Pokémon Go and One Piece fans.

Will you also welcome this collaboration? Hopefully you can catch Pikachu with this Straw Hat!

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