PUBG Mobile Patch 0.13.5 Beta Available To Download Now

PUBG Mobile recently released a download link for the patch 0.13.5 beta . If you wish to participate in this beta version, please click here to download the relevant files.

What's new in 0.13.5 patch?

mobile pubg patch 0.13.5

The presence of a new light machine gun that fired 9mm ammunition. PP-19, which is only available in Erangel and Vikendi, but has a size of 53 magazine.

PUBG Mobile will also make changes to the system of rewards and tier season. Outfit Season 8 will be available at the tier gold , if you reach a tier diamond, you will unlock weapons finishes.

The system ranked will be update to increase the weight of the kill point. This means that the kill now have a greater impact on your tier.

There are some other updates that you can read here . Alternatively, please you download a copy of the beta on the link above and find any updates that are present!

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